Controlled release technology

Discover our proprietary, game-changing technology platform for the next generation of controlled and sustained drug delivery thanks to its flexibility and low manufacturing cost. Its physicochemical properties make it an ideal vehicle for a broad variety of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs). read more

Best in class products

Burst control, flexible duration control, broad API compatibility, low manufacturing costs, compliance improvement, rapid formulation, reduced environmental impacts: our biodegradable polymer controlled release technology offers a balanced approach and all benefits to create best in class products. read more


Because chronic pathologies and many human diseases require one or more daily treatments - in some cases for a period of several weeks, months or years, our biodegradable polymer controlled release technology represents a significant benefit in dosage profiles and patient care. read more

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About MedinCell

With existing pharmaceutical business models, global health markets have a challenge to address. In order to service this truly global market, MedinCell is dedicated to delivering revolutionary medical treatments technologies to the global community, regardless of local economic conditions. We are empowering our partners to develop the next generation of best in class medicines that incorporate potent ecological and compliance-related benefits. read more