MedinCell enters into a technology agreement for long-acting injectable products

  • MedinCell and Sandoz will develop and commercialize long-acting injectable products based on BEPO™ technology with a primary focus on oncology
  • The alliance is part of MedinCell’s network strategy to significantly improve current standard of care, reduce total costs to payers and therefore make treatments widely available worldwide

MedinCell, a leading innovator developing best in class enabling pharmaceutical solutions for Global Health, announced today that it has entered into a non-exclusive collaboration agreement with Sandoz, a Novartis company.

Both parties will join forces to develop and commercialize long-acting injectables with a primary focus on oncology. The first product has been selected and development efforts are underway.

Under the agreement, target APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) will be formulated using the proprietary MedinCell BEPO™ technology platform. BEPO™ may allow less frequent drug administration and potentially improved patient tolerability, which may reduce both direct and indirect drug costs.

The alliance will benefit from BEPO’s disruptive characteristics: superior controlled drug release, low cost of goods and rapid formulation development. BEPO’s versatile platform is compatible with many small molecules, peptides and biologics. Both parties will have access to GMP-grade polymers through the newly formed joint venture between MedinCell S.A. and Corbion N.V., CM Biomaterials.


About BEPO™

Based on a combination of co-polymers, solvent and API, the BEPO™ technology can provide a controlled release of drug for days, weeks or months from a fully biodegradable depot that forms after subcutaneous injection or local delivery of the formulated API. As a game-changing technology, BEPO™ combines many advantages compared to alternative drug delivery technologies, including improved patient compliance, efficacy and tolerability, as well as, versatility, speed of development and low manufacturing costs.

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