Large pharmaceutical company, small biotech with innovative products or practicing professionals?
We can be partners.


Whether the goal is to develop a new chemical entity (NCE) or IP protection for life cycle management, we can design extended duration formulation prototypes with minimal risk.

  • We interact with partner R&D and Marketing teams to establish mutual target specifications.
  • We formulate only best-in-class molecules. Additionally, through our in silico pre-screening process, we select only the molecules with the highest potential for compatibility with our BEPO drug delivery platform.
  • Our Proof of Concept process incorporates multiple rounds of formulation development. Release profile optimization is accomplished by leveraging in vitro release and in vivo PK data, plus injectability characteristics. By varying the formulation components, formulations can be fine-tuned for specific target durations, from days to months.
  • Our rapid formulation capabilities minimize the time required to reach critical decision points. We have formulated candidates for 1-month and 3-month duration projects within 1.1 years of project initiation. Shorter duration projects (1-3 weeks) are substantially faster.
  • Once successful release profiles are demonstrated, we work with partners to design custom licensing options for the project.


Proactive and Revolutionary Business Model

Our licensing system enables us to partner with large pharmaceutical companies, biotech’s with cutting edge therapies, and highly experienced clinical research teams. Contrary to black-box delivery technologies, our goal is to minimize risk throughout the partnership. Rapid formulation times mean our partners reach decision points faster. We also adapt our profit goals with partners to ensure they can experiment with multiple projects. Royalty rates depend on product launch timelines, enabling partners to more easily capture market share to build class-leading therapies.


Powerful IP Protection

Our technology rapidly outgrew our initial patent licenses through constant improvements. With enhancements enabling for broader API compatibility, and packaging with extremely fine gauge syringe needles, we will offer fresh intellectual property protection (20 years). This added competitive protection helps us working with novel molecules, and also enables value-added, differentiated generics (New Therapeutic Entity / NTE).


Sliding Royalty Scale

Since we focus on best-in-class products sold at the lowest possible price per country, this enables us to provide treatments for the maximum number of patients in every market. Our contracts include a novel linking mechanism that provides us with greater royalties for markets in which therapy profit levels are high, but little or no royalties when it is low (for instance, when provided freely for humanitarian use). The royalty rates are further modified by sales volume. Through this integrated approach, MedinCell becomes a true strategic partner, not just a provider of technology. We are concerned with the entire business process – including profitability – and this also fulfills our business goal of reaching the broadest number of patients globally.