Formulation variables

The composition of a BEPO formulation depends of the medical needs and the API properties.


The BEPO technology platform offers many variables to enable the control of:

  • The drug action duration (from few days to over a year)

  • The release profile to reduce Cmax and maintain an extended and linear API delivery within the therapeutic window

  • The volume of injection

  • The injectabilty



BEPO available variables:

  • Hydrophobic vs. hydrophilic API

  • Miscible vs. non water miscible solvent

  • API load

  • Polymer content

  • TB / DB ratio

  • PLA / PEG ratio

  • PLA length

  • PEG length

Influence of API load

Trial of MPA / BEPO formulations with:

  • Different API load

  • Same polymer content

  • Same Diblock & Triblock chemistry and ratio



Influence of polymer content

Trial of levonorgestrel / BEPO formulations with:

  • Same API load

  • Different polymer content

  • Same Diblock & Triblock chemistry and ratio



Influence of polymer composition

Trial of MPA / BEPO formulations with:

  • Same API load

  • Same polymer content

  • Different Diblock & Triblock chemistry and ratio


Controlled release

Extended systemic duration & reduced burst

Buprenorphine / BEPO vs. saline formulations

  • Same API dose

  • Cmax reduced by factor of 25

  • Extended duration to 10 days

Controlled release

Over one year of action

Trial of Ivermectin / BEPO formulations
(cattle pK study)


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