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By protecting our core technology platform and by creating new protections for API formulations based on BEPO, we maintain a competitive advantage that gives us resources to reach our goal: provide best-in-class medicine for all.


National Patents already issued:




02 Aug 2014, Volume 232, Issue 3, pp 561-574

Retroinverso analogs of spadin display increased antidepressant effects
Julie Veyssiere, Hamid Moha ou Maati, Jean Mazella, Georges Gaudriault, Sébastien Moreno, Catherine Heurteaux, Marc Borsotto

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January 2012, Volume 62, Issue 1, Pages 278–288

Spadin as a new antidepressant: Absence of TREK-1-related side effects
H. Moha ou Maati, J. Veyssiere, F. Labbal, T. Coppola, C. Gandin, C. Widmann, J. Mazella, C. Heurteaux, M. Borsotto

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