Long-acting drug delivery platform

Based on a combination of custom proprietary copolymers, solvent and API, the BEPO technology can provide a controlled release of drug for days, weeks or months from a fully biodegradable in-situ depot that forms after subcutaneous injection or local delivery of the formulated API.

As a game-changing technology, BEPO combines many advantages compared to alternative drug delivery technologies, including improved patient compliance, efficacy and tolerability, as well as, versatility, speed of development and low manufacturing costs.


a game-changing drug delivery technology


BEPO was founded on the principle of long-acting formulations that are conveniently delivered by subcutaneous injection to provide systemic effect while minimising injection pain. Additional routes of administration that enable optimised local API concentrations for more effective treatments can also be considered: intra-articular,  intra-peritoneal / percutaneous, intra-tumoral, intravitreal.

The BEPO technology platform ability is continuously refined to enhance its compatibility with wider ranges of physicochemical properties and molecule classes, while further improving the ability of the platform to govern burst and duration for application-specific formulations.


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