Vision and mission


By combining agility, creativity, responsibility and humanity, MedinCell embodies what is essential for a 21st century pharmaceutical company. All collaborators and stakeholders of MedinCell share a common vision to serve our mission.xxxx


The vision: better medicine for all

We aim to design disruptive innovations enabling products that are as efficacious, convenient, and cost-effective as possible. We share a population-focused view of the world, and strive to develop best-in-class treatments for all markets, regardless of local economic conditions.


The mission: a new long-term value creation model for pharmaceutical industry

Existing pharmaceutical business models are not adapted to global health challenges. To make a difference and improve access to care in all countries, including the emerging, we have to create a new long-term value creation model for pharmaceutical industry. We contribute through disruptive innovations combined with a partnership model based on full-profit sharing.


 We believe that…

  • Progress is worth nothing unless it is shared. That’s why it is important for us to develop affordable best-in-class technologies.

  • Only fair business, that protects people and their environment, will persist over time. That’s why we design tailor-made business models.

  • Going green is not a slogan, but a daily reality. That’s why we do our best to develop technologies that reduce our environmental footprint.

  • A company is a living organism that must be fed to maintain its vitality and creativity. That’s why we want to offer our employees the most productive and satisfying work conditions possible.

  • People are our competitive advantage. That’s why we strive to attract, hire, develop, retain and motivate the most talented scientists and pharmaceutical professionals. That’s also why MedinCell belongs to its employees.