Corporate Social Responsibility


We strive to impact global health
by conducting ethical activities in a socially
and environmentally responsible manner


“Impact Global Health” is the vision that emerged and drives MedinCell since its creation in 2002. Our purposeful innovation and sustainable company model enable us to achieve our core mission “better medicine for all”. Based on five strategic pillars, our corporate responsibility policy and practices allow us to integrate economic, environmental and social imperatives into our daily activities to reach long-term sustainable development and value creation:

Better medicine for all
Our strength is our people
Give back to society / strengthen community
Low environmental impact technology
Ethical and fair practices

Better medicine for all

We put innovation excellence at the service of patients by designing purposeful technologies enabling new products and accessible therapies. To pursue this goal, we:

• Develop products to address unmet medical needs and consider, when possible, priorities set by the WHO

• Aim to secure a large accessibly & affordability of our products in both developing and developed countries.

• Foster Innovation to further meet patients’ needs and strive for a sustainable and collaborative health system environment.

• Make drug efficient and aim to improve their therapeutic outcomes thanks to our enabling technologies.

Our strength is our people

Our multicultural and talented team makes all the difference. We provide a healthy and respectful work environment for all. We believe that sharing the success and value creation with all employees and internal stakeholders is the key to ensuring our sustainability. We will continue to:

• Make every employee a shareholder to ensure that MedinCell’s values and missions are pursued. We promote the involvement and conscientiousness of the whole team by sharing the value created and promoting active participation in MedinCell’s governance.

• Foster an open, efficient and professional working atmosphere, ensuring mutual respect. We look after employee’s health and safety needs related to the work environment, via regular risk assessments and feedbacks.

• Promote employees’ general health and wellbeing via awareness and support programs. We facilitate work-life balance for all of our employees regardless of their position.

• Ensure that our recruitment process provides equal opportunity for and equal treatment of all candidates. All MedinCell employees are hired and promoted solely based on their skill set.

• Advocate and promote professional gender equality within our company.

• Encourage directness, sincerity, trust and respect across the company. We nurture dialogue throughout the company and with the Economic and Social Committee. Furthermore, we foster diversity and cultural exchange between employees.

• Support sustainable employment and maintain a fair review of professional performance and development at all times. We strive to empower all employees and aim to provide fulfilling and rewarding careers while leaving room for personal initiatives.

• Prohibit any act that can imply any type of violation of an individual’s dignity including any form of harassment. Furthermore, we ensure that employees are informed about their rights and obligations and we promote a speak-up culture.

Give back to society

We think that all health stakeholders from patient to industry must collaborate to impact global health and enable the development of a sustainable health system. We believe in empowering people, particularly through education. We therefore:

• Commit to developing a network of long-term partners who share our vision of impacting health.

• Alleviate health care costs, improve the quality of life for patients, relatives and thus reducing the burden to society through the development of efficient drugs.

• Aim to raise patient awareness, advocating for therapeutic compliance and a better understanding of the expected benefits of long-acting injectables (including improved compliance, lower toxicity and less waste).

• Participate to the scientific community education, hosting and training students from middle schools to PhD level in our facilities.

• Encourage our employees to support local community life and economy, and to get involved in solidarity initiatives.

Low environmental impact technology

With Global Health at the heart of our vision, we strive for a better environment. At our own level we:

• Develop products with a reduced environmental impact and strive to design new sustainable technologies.

• Strive to continuously reduce manufacturing/process waste and emissions at MedinCell and aim to have a lean process starting with Quality by Design for technology transfer to our partners.

• Commit to minimize our global footprint by reducing and sorting waste, rationalizing energy use and reducing emissions.

Ethical and fair practices

We value trust, respect and integrity in all our interactions and activities. To achieve this pledge, we:

• Commit to creating high quality, performing, safe technologies and products through integrated continuous quality/risk management and continuous improvement.

• Require legal compliance and we promote Corporate Social Responsibility/an ethical culture within MedinCell through internal training and process control.

• Include in our suppliers, providers and sub-contractors selection criteria their product and service quality, their legal and regulatory compliance, respect for Human Rights, ethical code, environmental/ecological approach, sustainability.

• Believe in values alignment and we strive to assess our potential Partners in regard to safety & quality practices, Human Rights, working conditions, sustainability, fair trade, anti-corruption, anti-bribery policies.

• Consider that transparency, sincerity, proximity to our shareholders is the best way to have them understand, adhere and support our vision on impacting Global Health.


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