MedinCell announces 2018/19 fiscal year results

June 4, 2019

Achievement of all anticipated milestones for programs in development
Product portfolio progression with a first product in clinical trials* phase 3 and another one in phase 2 in the United States, and two programs in regulatory preclinical* studies
Strong cash position, cash usage in line with expectations

Main clinical progressions of the portfolio (more details and post-closing events on page 3)
CNS (Central Nervous System) treatments developed by our partner TEVA, based on our patented technology
• Start of a Phase 3 clinical study in the US
mdc-IRM / TV46000 – investigational long-acting treatment for schizophrenia
• Initiation of preclinical regulatory development activities of a second product (mdc-TJK)

Pain Management
• Start of a Phase 2 clinical trial in the US (safety and activity study)
mdc-CWM – orthopedic postoperative pain and inflammation with AIC
• Start of preclinical regulatory development for a second product
mdc-CMV – a single injection that combines surgical anesthesia and 3 days of analgesia – most advanced internal
program of MedinCell
• Progression of the formulation of a third product
mdc-NVA – chronic pain management
• These products aim at reducing the use of opioids for pain management

Collaboration with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
• Renewed support from the Foundation for the development of a 6-month contraceptive following the promising results of in vivo studies and payment of the second part of the grant – mdc-WWM

Other products in development
• Promising progression in the formulation of a long acting injectable for patient who received an organ
transplant – mdc-GRT
• Launch of the formulation selection for a new product in urology – mdc-DOM

Strengthened financial visibility
• 21.3 M€ in cash and cash equivalents + 0.7 M€ in short-term investments
• 3.9 M€ in non-current financial assets
• 12.5 M€ drawable under conditions from the European Investment Bank loan
• Cash usage from operating activities in line with expectations: 15.9 M€

Session en français

Mardi 19 décembre, 18h30 : Présentation des résultats du premier semestre de l'année fiscale 2023-24

English session

Tuesday, December 19, 6:30 pm: Half-year earnings call (April 1st - September 30th)

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