MedinCell receives $ 6.4 million grant from Unitaid to fight Malaria

March 25, 2020

The French company is committed to the fight against the major health scourges

• Malaria remains one of the main health threats worldwide with more than 200 million people infected yearly
• French company MedinCell has signed a grant agreement of up to $6.4 million over three years with global
health agency Unitaid that has committed to accelerate the impact of long-acting technologies in low- and
middle-income countries (LMICs)
• The grant aims to fund the formulation and preclinical activities of a 3-month acting injectable ivermectin – a
drug used to treat many types of parasitic infections – to neutralize the transmission vector of Malaria
• In accordance with the commitment of both partners to ensure equitable access to health products in low and middle income countries, and to have a significant impact on the most vulnerable populations, MedinCell will grant a non-exclusive license to the Medicines Patent Pool to ensure distribution of the final product via public sector in LMICs
• MedinCell will keep all other marketing rights of the product worldwide and for all additional indications where ivermectin could have an impact
• More than $ 25 million in grants over the next four years have already been awarded to MedinCell by major international non-profit foundations and organizations

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