MedinCell: mdc-CWM clinical phase 3 will start in 2021

March 25, 2021

MedinCell confirms that late-stage clinical trials in patients receiving intra-articular mdc-CWM at the time of Total
Knee Replacement (TKR) are planned as follows:

• The first of two phase 3 studies will start in H2 2021
• An open label safety study to supplement the mdc-CWM long-term safety database will start in Q2 2021

Injected into the intra-articular space during Total Knee Replacement surgery and potentially active for as long as three months post-surgery, mdc-CWM is a sustained-release formulation of celecoxib for the reduction of postoperative pain & inflammation

Total Knee Replacement is the first investigational indication

The mdc-CWM program development is led and financed by MedinCell’s partner, Arthritis Innovation Corporation
(AIC), who closed a $23 million CAD private equity financing in February 2021 to support clinical and manufacturing

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