MedinCell’s Long-Acting Injectable to fight Malaria ready to enter Regulatory Development

June 14, 2021

MedinCell and the project consortium members, IRD, IRSS and CIRDES, have successfully designed, tested, and confirmed with Unitaid the selection of the lead formulation. Regulatory preclinical activities are starting with the objective of a first clinical trial in 2023.

MedinCell and the consortium members have conducted an in vivo proof of concept on cattle that showed a 3-month mosquitocidal effectiveness of an injectable long-acting formulation of Ivermectin based on the proprietary BEPO® technology.

The investigational product mdc-STM aims at reducing the transmission of the parasite responsible for Malaria, thanks to a killing effect on the vector mosquitoes when they bite treated people.

Malaria remains one of the main health threats worldwide with more than 200 million people infected yearly.

In March 2020, global health agency Unitaid granted MedinCell with a $6.4 million subvention over three years to conduct the formulation and preclinical activities of the program.

mdc-STM benefits from synergies with other MedinCell’s programs based on Ivermectin all of them using
different formulation and doses fitted to their specific indications.

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On Tuesday September 12 at 6:00 p.m. live of the Combined General Meeting (in French)

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