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raison d'être

“Our mission is to contribute to the improvement and protection of the health of populations across the world. The fair sharing of the value created with all our employees is the foundation of our business model. The sustainability of MedinCell is an essential condition for achieving our objectives.”

Raison d’être of MedinCell voted by the General Assembly in September 2019

How we contribute to solving Global Health challenges ?

By improving patient’s adherence and compliance to treatments
WHO estimates that one patient in two does not start or does not continue to follow their treatment and that adherence improvement would have a greater impact than any improvement in specific medical treatments.
(World Health Organization: Adherence to Long-Term Therapies, Evidence for Actions – 2003)

By ensuring accessibility of treatment
Our innovative technologies associated with our “Global Access” strategy should allow patients around the world to benefit from the same treatments, regardless of their income or health systems.

By Reducing pharmaceutical residues, a major environmental challenge
Our technologies must help reduce the environmental impact of drugs by reducing the amount of active ingredient needed compared to the same oral treatment and by preventing unused drugs from being thrown out of recycling channels

What company model to achieve our mission?

Collaborate in the interests of patients
Collaboration is at the heart of our business model. It is essential to offer new therapeutic options to patients around the world. We have developed a high value network of partners bringing together players from the pharmaceutical industry and academic research as well as leading foundations

Share the value created
We favor employee share ownership, which allows fair sharing of the value created and a balanced relationship between management and all employees. Aligning the interests of all our stakeholders (employees, shareholders, partners) is an essential element of our business strategy.

We foster diversity and well-being at work
Our multicultural and talented team makes all the difference. We provide a healthy and respectful work environment for all.

Impact company

CSR commitments

we support un global compact

This corporate responsibility policy defines the principles and objectives, consistent with our mission and values, that all MedinCell employees must adhere to and contribute to in their professional practices. It provides a framework for integrating economic and environmental imperatives into MedinCell’s activities to achieve long-term sustainability and value creation. Our Policy is based on five strategic pillars:

  • Better medicine for all
  • Our strength is our people
  • Being a committed player
  • Low environmental impact technology
  • Ethical and fair practices

Better medicine for all

We put innovation excellence at the service of patients by designing purposeful technologies enabling new products and accessible therapies. To pursue this goal, we:

  • Develop treatments that meet unmet medical needs, considering the priorities defined notably by the World Health Organization,
  • Aim to secure a large accessibly & affordability of our products in both developing and developed countries through development, production and distribution strategies that reduce the price barrier and consider the technical constraints of each zone,
  • Foster innovation to further meet patients’ needs and strive for a sustainable and collaborative health system environment,
  • Make drug efficient and aim to improve their therapeutic outcomes thanks to our enabling technologies.

Our strength is our people

Our multicultural and talented team makes all the difference. We provide a healthy and respectful work environment for all. We believe that sharing the success and value creation with all employees and internal stakeholders is the key to ensuring our sustainability. We will continue to:

  • Make every employee a shareholder to ensure that MedinCell’s values and missions are pursued. We promote the involvement and conscientiousness of the whole team by sharing the value created and promoting active participation in MedinCell’s governance,
  • Foster an open, efficient, and professional working atmosphere, ensuring mutual respect. We look after employee’s health and safety needs related to the work environment, via regular risk assessments and feedbacks,
  • Promote employees’ general health and wellbeing via awareness and support programs. We facilitate work-life balance for all our employees regardless of their position,
  • Ensure that our recruitment process provides equal opportunity for and equal treatment of all candidates. All MedinCell employees are hired and promoted solely based on their skill set,
  • Advocate and promote professional gender equality within our company,
  • Encourage directness, sincerity, trust, and respect across the company. We nurture dialogue throughout the company and with the Economic and Social Committee. Furthermore, we foster diversity and cultural exchange between employees,
  • Support sustainable employment and always maintain a fair review of professional performance and development. We strive to empower all employees and aim to provide fulfilling and rewarding careers while leaving room for personal initiatives.
  • Prohibit any act that can imply any type of violation of an individual’s dignity including any form of harassment. Furthermore, we ensure that employees are informed about their rights and obligations, and we promote a speak-up culture.

Being a committed player

We believe that sharing value with our employees and aligning the interests of all stakeholders is essential to our success and sustainability. We believe that all healthcare stakeholders, from patients to industry partners, must work together to enable the development of sustainable, mutually beneficial healthcare systems. We also believe in information that allows everyone to make an informed decision. We therefore:

  • Develop and promote a virtuous business model based on the fair sharing of the value created with employees, in particular through employee shareholding and a reasoned compensation policy,
  • Ensure and promote the alignment of the interests of all stakeholders: patients and their families, healthcare professionals, healthcare systems, industry, NGOs, and MedinCell employees and shareholders,
  • Develop a network of long-term committed partners who share our vision and ambition to have a real impact on global health,
  • To improve the accessibility of treatments and the quality of life of patients and their families to reduce the burden of health in our societies through the development of effective medicines,
  • Raise patient awareness, advocate for compliance and a better understanding of the expected benefits of long-acting injectables (including improved compliance, lower toxicity and potentially higher efficacy),
  • Participate to the scientific community education, hosting and training students from middle schools to PhD level in our facilities,
  • Encourage our employees to support local community life and economy, and to get involved in solidarity initiatives.

Low environmental impact technology

With Global Health at the heart of our vision, we strive to minimize our impact on the environment. At our own level we:

  • Develop products with a reduced environmental impact and strive to design new sustainable technologies,
  • Strive to continuously reduce manufacturing and process waste and emissions at MedinCell and aim to have a lean process starting with Quality by Design for technology transfer to our partners,
  • Commit to minimize our global footprint by reducing and sorting waste, rationalizing energy use and reducing emissions

Ethical and fair practices

We value trust, respect, and integrity in all our interactions and activities. To achieve this pledge, we:

  • Commit to creating high quality, performing, safe technologies and products through integrated continuous quality/risk management and continuous improvement,
  • Require legal compliance and we promote Corporate Social Responsibility end an ethical culture within MedinCell through internal training and process control,
  • Include in our suppliers, providers and sub-contractors selection criteria their product and service quality, their legal and regulatory compliance, respect for Human Rights, ethical code, environmental approach, sustainability,
  • Believe in values alignment and we strive to assess our potential partners regarding safety & quality practices, Human Rights, working conditions, sustainability, fair trade, anti-corruption, anti-bribery policies,
  • Maintain transparency, sincerity, and closeness with our shareholders so that they understand, adhere to and support our corporate project. We ensure to align everyone around our raison d’être, our values and to preserve everyone’s interests.

Codes of Ethics and Conduct (PDF)

Environmental Policy (PDF)

Supplier Code of Conduct (PDF)

Impact company


Share value

  • As of March 31, 2022, 84% of employees hold Company shares and 96% benefit from the allocation of shares which will vest after 1 year of presence
  • All the bonuses and incentives paid over the year 2021 represent, for an average salary, 1.63 months of additional salary
  • MedinCellers had 2.6 days of training on average in 2022
  • 93/100 results of the gender equality index

Clean technology

  • The reduction of the amount of API depends on the absolute and relative bioavailability of each asset, and on the optimization of the continuous release profile obtained using our BEPO® technology. MedinCell estimates that this reduction in the amount of active ingredient can potentially represent 10% to 40% less assets per patient for the same duration of treatment. In the case of a treatment where the active is administered locally with targeted action instead of being distributed systemically, the estimated reduction is major and could reach 60% to 90%.
  • For an equivalent oral treatment (and effectively withdrawn from pharmacies by patients), the BEPO® technology could potentially reduce the contamination of water and soil caused by the inappropriate elimination of active principle by patients by around 35%. .


Our global access commitment aims to guarantee the accessibility of our treatments, in particular those that we develop with the support of Foundations and International Health Agencies.

mdc-WWM • In accordance with the Global Access strategy of both partners and to ensure a significant impact on women’s lives, the objective is to make the product widely available. Affordable pricing in emerging economies will help eliminate cost as a barrier to increased availability and voluntary access to the product. High demand among women and girls for long acting contraceptive options illustrate the potential for market growth and measurably improving maternal, newborn and child health. MedinCell could receive up to $ 24 million from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for the development of this project. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation also has a non-exclusive license for non-commercial market in low- and middle-income countries.

mdc-STM • The goal is to neutralize anopheles mosquitoes, which carry and transmit the malaria parasite, after they bite treated populations. mdc-STM could break the chain of transmission with a single injection of ivermectin active for 3 months which will make it possible to remove some of the logistical barriers to the adoption of mass treatments, since it will not require the regular renewal of the treatment, typically associated with oral forms whose duration of effectiveness is too short. MedinCell received a $6.4 million grant from international health agency Unitaid, which is committed to accelerating the impact of long-acting technologies in developing countries. low and middle income

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Corporate Social
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