Equipment Maintenance Internship – 6 Months

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We are looking for a bright and motivated student for our Equipment Maintenance Internship to join our team in Montpellier. An ethical fast-growing, socially responsible company dedicated to Global Health. As the equipment maintenance intern, you will lead Medincell equipment and installation portfolio including digitalization of current processes.

Internship Project

  • Conduct an inventory of equipment and installations (lab and non-lab)
  • Identify each piece of equipment and each installation in the Company
  • Identify each part/module that can be separated from other parts/modules and individually replaced
  • Using the complete inventory, group the equipment according to technology, utilization and/or other relevant criteria
  • Create and manage the groupings in the electronic system
  • Verify the presence, name and other reference information (serial number, location, etc.) of the equipment in the current electronic system
  • Ensure that all equipment is in the correct groupings within the electronic system using appropriate nomenclature

Determine the options for preventive maintenance

  • Gather technical documentation currently on hand at MedinCell
  • Find necessary missing technical documentation (from suppliers, manufacturers, internet, etc.)
  • Obtain the manufacturer’s recommendations for preventive maintenance
  • Obtain information regarding the use of the equipment within the Company
  • Verify the compatibility of the Company’s use of the equipment with the manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Propose options for appropriate preventive maintenance
  • Identify the reference information for spare parts needed for preventive maintenance
  • If needed, recommend the purchase of critical spare parts
  • Implement a preventive maintenance process
  • Determine the appropriate system to trigger preventive maintenance (internal, external)
  • Create an appropriate template to document completed preventive maintenance
  • Determine a process to incorporate information regarding maintenance repairs and their possible impact on preventive maintenance
  • Collect and incorporate information regarding past maintenance (preventive and repairs)
  • Determine the flexibility within the process (dates, duration, regular inspections, etc.)
  • Determine the relevant follow-up indicators for the maintenance process
  • Determine the scope of work to computerize/automate the process
  • Study the possibilities for incorporating a computerized/automated process with the existing electronic system
  • Research and propose available software


  • Currently studying towards a DUT or Licence in mechanical engineering or metrology
  • Ability to follow up on the stages of the project that he/she will lead
  • Good interpersonal skills with internal and external contacts (suppliers/manufacturers)
  • Good level of English
  • Motivated and autonomous

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