Internship 2022 : Polymer Analytical Development & Qualification

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We are offering an internship in the Polymer Center of Expertise (POLYCE Team). As an intern, you will be given responsibility from day one, adding real value to live projects.


The main focus will be:

Polymer Analytical Development & Qualification

  • Method Development and Optimization (HPLC, GC, Titration) for polymer analysis
    • Two HPLC-UV methods for development and optimization to analyse small PLA oligomers and to determine residual PEG in PEG-PLA copolymers
    • GC-FID analysis to measure the residual monomer content in PEG-PLA copolymers
    • ¬†Optimization of the acid number determination method by potentiometric titration.
  • Column qualification: implement the qualification of all HPLC and GC column at the laboratory
  • Documentation, report generation and clear communication of results


  • Currently studying towards your final year of master degree in the fields of Polymer Chemistry, Organic Chemistry or Analytical Chemistry
  • Language : French, English


  • Strong listening skills
  • Proficiency in self-learning
  • Desire to continuously improve and progress
  • Strong work ethic
  • Autonomy

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