Internship: Physicochemical characterization of PEG-polyesters with different architectures and compositions

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Background: MedinCell develops a portfolio of long-acting injectable products for the sustained release of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) using its technology called BEPO®.[1] BEPO® is composed of a blend of amphiphilic copolymers, one diblock (DB) and one triblock (TB) both based on PEG-PLA, dissolved in a biocompatible solvent containing an API.[2] This technology allowed MedinCell to enter to late clinical phases but faces, however, some limitations.

Novel polymer-based technology platforms are in development within the research department to expand the BEPO® capabilities.[3] These new structures will need to be characterized by appropriate analytical techniques to clearly distinguish the structure and properties of each polymer architecture and composition.

Internship Mission:

This project will be aimed at developing appropriate analytical tools for specific polymer structures that would help on the understanding of the structure-properties relationship of different amphiphilic PEG-polyesters. The main focus will be to explore the viscoelastic behaviour and thermal properties via rheological and calorimetric studies, respectively. These investigations will be coupled with structural characterizations such as nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), mass spectrometry and gel permeation chromatography (GPC) analyses, to fully confirm the chemical structures and, ultimately, correlate the physical properties directly with composition and specific structural features. These systematic analyses will help to build a characterization package specific to each polymer to be transferred toward the development departments, for the purpose of unambiguously identifying polymer structures and compositions.

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