Research & Innovation Associate in Polymer Materials

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We are seeking a Polymer Materials Scientist in our Montpellier (Jacou) facility to participate in our ongoing success as a profitable, fast-growing, socially responsible company dedicated to Global Health.

As Polymer Material Scientist, you will participate in the conception and assessment of new polymeric material-based technologies within the Research and Innovation department at MedinCell. Under the supervision of the Principal investigator, you will be directly responsible for the development and implementation of specific analytical packages for following the ageing of novel materials and their evolution in vivo studies.


  • Assume responsibility for your own research studies within the Research and Innovation Group, including the development of study designs and operational plans
  • Develop and implement a set of characterization for the ageing of new polymeric materials in vitro and in animal models
  • Design studies and experimental procedures to extend this characterization package as a function of pharmaceutical development considerations
  • Contribute to design materials with fine-tuned properties and performance, specifically in terms of degradation kinetics, stability and formulability
  • Support and collaborate with the other departments of the Research and Innovation Groups in their respective research lines
  • Provide technical support to development teams on analytical, degradation and stability of polymeric materials
  • Collaborate on the preparation of batches for external partners complying with quality standards
  • Perform a literature review to efficiently design study plans and to remain abreast of new developments in materials science
  • Compile and deeply analyze data to build and extend the current knowledge on new polymer structures
  • Present processed data in English
  • Prepare scientific reports to compile generated data with a good traceability
  • Work closely with other team members and perform activities in response to priorities


  • PhD with 1-2 years of experience in industry or post-doctoral research, preferably healthcare-related
  • Strong experience in the characterization of different polymeric material structures and amphiphilic block copolymers
  • Experience in material science and ageing characterization
  • Experience in manipulating samples coming from in vivo studies is a plus
  • Knowledge in quality standards is a plus
  • Deep knowledge in polymer and material characterization, especially for amphiphilic block copolymers
  • Strong critical mindset and ability to work independently
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and an ability to work with others in a highly collaborative environment
  • Strong proficiency and experience in writing scientific documents in English
  • Eagerness to perform lab work including syntheses and characterization of polymers
  • Ability to manage time and meet deadlines
  • Effective functioning in a rapidly changing environment and adherence to the values, principles and mission of the company



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