Together we go further faster.
We value collaboration vs competition. We reach out to potential partners worldwide who share our values and commitment to global health.



The pharmaceutical

Partnering with pharma to design new therapeutic solutions

We already work with large pharmas and a range of smaller entities worldwide. They share our vision for the global transformation of the pharmaceutical industry. We create long-term alliances with our partners based on a multi-product agreement and profit sharing. Our flexible business model allows us to stay innovative and make a large amount of best-in-class products with a very high likelihood of success.


Partnering with biotech companies to engineer solutions

We believe in collaboration vs competition. In the same vein, a large number of biotech companies develop APIs that can’t be used with traditional drug delivery systems. In addition, toxicity levels can overpower the benefits. We’re coming up with the solution. Our technology becomes the empowering entity to APIs.


Partnering with health practitioners to pinpoint unmet needs

We work with a variety of health practitioners because they’re in touch with their patients and aware of the limitations of current treatment. Our practitioners are convinced that LAI could be a game changer in their therapeutic area of expertise. Health practitioners are essential to our success, so we make sure they’re fully integrated, from API screening to development. More directly, practitioners help us in designing the TPP (Target Product Profile).

& NGOs

Partnering with foundations & NGOs to meet the needs of the many

We’re currently collaborating with foundations and NGOs to develop best-in-class, cost-effective products based on BEPO®. Thanks to BEPO®’s flexibility and affordability, we’re able to quickly develop therapeutic solutions responding to health needs worldwide. To foundations and NGOs, we offer full access to our technology and valuable network.

Contract research

Partnering with CROs to find the best solutions

CROs provide us with multiple services ranging from preclinical to clinical studies. By efficiently using their expertise, we are able to optimize costs. Finance aside, CROs help us to develop products more rapidly.

Market access

Partnering with market access companies to better understand and anticipate the market

A large part of staying on the cutting-edge is in identifying current and foreseeable trends and competitors. Partnering with market access companies gives us the assurance that patients, physicians and payers will have what they need.


Partnering with academics in their field of research

Let’s take it back to the beginning. MedinCell was founded by a group of academics with higher health related standards. We haven’t skipped a beat since then. We currently collaborate with universities from all over the world to dream up future technologies encompassing New Therapeutic Solutions.


We’re always looking for new talent


The people of MedinCell aren’t just creating life-sustaining products- their aim is to revolutionize the patient’s way of life. Interested in being part of a self-funded, employee owned, creative workplace? Take a look at what our employees had to say.

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