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As a biotechnology company dedicated to improving pharmaceutical therapies and healthcare costs, MedinCell works with forward-thinking pharmaceutical partners to develop high-value controlled release formulations. Simply extending delivery duration is not enough. MedinCell has adopted a comprehensive perspective on disease treatments; our formulations are designed to limit off-target effects, improve overall safety and positively impact patient preference. Broader healthcare cost savings can be realized in the form of increased treatment compliance, as well as reduced hospital stays and lower readmission rates. By reducing treatment frequencies, we expect to improve patient quality of care. MedinCell and our partners will benefit from stronger patient loyalty.

Vision and Mission

We envision MedinCell\’s novel delivery technology having a tremendous global impact through our human health, humanitarian projects and animal programs.

Our Philosophy

MedinCell represents a think-tank that our pharmaceutical and biotech partners rely upon for creative approaches to delivery and drug candidate improvement.

Services we offer

• API Compatibility Evaluation (complimentary)

• Formulation design and screening, combining in vitro and in vivo evaluations

• Optimization, development and regulatory assistance

Global Stewardship

With existing pharmaceutical business models, global health markets a challenge to address. In order to service a truly global market, MedinCell is dedicated to delivering revolutionary medical treatments to the global community, regardless of local economic conditions. We’re empowering our partners to develop the next generation of advanced medicines that incorporate potent ecological and compliance-related benefits.

Achievable Healthcare Goals

Improving worldwide access to medicine is a goal that cannot be achieved without robust financial success and careful planning. Unlike most biotech companies, MedinCell is free of external venture capital interests. This allows us to incorporate scientific and humanitarian goals into our business as long-term strategic objectives.


MedinCell S.A. headquarters are located near Montpellier, France. Our subsidiary MedinCell Corporation is located in San Diego, California.

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