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About us

Transforming global health with purposeful innovation

Our commitment to Global Health

Medincell’s core mission is to enhance and safeguard the health of people worldwide. We believe in the equitable distribution of the value we create, ensuring all our employees are recognized and rewarded. This principle underpins our business model and is crucial to Medincell’s enduring success, enabling us to steadfastly pursue our goals.

Addressing Global Health challenges, how do we make a difference?

Improving treatment adherence

According to the World Health Organization, half of all patients either don’t initiate or discontinue their prescribed treatments. Enhancing adherence is pivotal and could surpass any medical advancements in treatment. By focusing on this aspect, we aim to transform patient outcomes significantly.

Enhancing treatment accessibility

Our cutting-edge technologies, when combined with our inclusive “Global Access” initiative, are designed to provide equitable treatment options for individuals around the world, irrespective of their financial means or healthcare systems.

Minimizing environmental impact

We are committed to reducing pharmaceutical residues, a pressing ecological concern. Our technologies strive to minimize the active ingredients required for treatments and prevent pharmaceutical waste from bypassing recycling processes.

Our approach to realizing our vision

Patient-centric collaboration

Collaboration is the essence of our approach. To offer novel therapeutic solutions globally, we’ve cultivated a network of esteemed partners, encompassing industry experts, academic researchers, and leading foundations.

Value sharing

We advocate for employee share ownership, promoting the equitable distribution of generated value. This fosters a harmonious dynamic between our management and staff, aligning the interests of all stakeholders — employees, shareholders, and partners alike.

Diversity and workplace well-being

Our strength lies in our diverse and gifted team. We are dedicated to maintaining a nurturing and respectful work environment, as the well-being of our team is a top priority.

Our strength lies in our people

Since Medincell’s inception, the expertise and dedicated engagement of our team have been vital to our growth. To share our achievements and maintain our collective aspiration of ‘positively impacting health,’ we ensure that all employees become shareholders shortly after joining us. This practice of involving all collaborators early in our success has fostered an entrepreneurial spirit across every level of the organization.

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Medincell in one word

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Unleash your entrepreneurial spirit within a creative and innovative team of international experts dedicated to tackling global health challenges.

Leadership team

Our commitment transcends our core objectives, it is a pledge to serve not only patients worldwide but also to support our dedicated team and to align the interests of all Medincell stakeholders.

Management team

Christophe Douat


Richard Malamut, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Sébastien Enault

Chief Business Officer

Julie Alimi

Head of Legal

David Heuzé

Head of Corporate & Financial Communications, and ESG

Stéphane Chambaud

Head of Pharmaceutical Operations

Stéphane Postic


Franck Pouzache

Chief People Officer

Adolfo Lopez-Noriega

Head of R&D

Helen Martin

Head of Alliance & Project Management

Quiterie de Beauregard

Head of Global Health Development

Supervisory board

Chairman, ESG Committee President

Philippe Guy

With over 33 years of distinguished service at Boston Consulting Group (BCG), primarily within the healthcare sector, Philippe Guy has built a deep global expertise, working from Europe (London, Paris, Zurich), Japan, and North America. During his tenure, he played a pivotal role in developing BCG's Healthcare Practice Area across these regions. His leadership extended to steering the Global Healthcare Practice for nine years, further amplifying his impact on the industry. Additionally, he was peer-selected to represent all sector and functional practices on BCG's global Executive Committee, reflecting his broad strategic vision and leadership.
Philippe Guy is engaged on a pro-bono basis with the Foundation de la Mer, where his efforts are focused on scaling up its international impact. This includes contributing to key United Nations negotiations and facilitating the formation of coalitions among like-minded European foundations.
Besides MedinCell, Philippe also serves on the Board of Moleac, a Singapore-based company helping patients with brain injuries and neurological conditions.
Philippe Guy multifaceted career trajectory reflects a blend of strategic leadership in healthcare and a deep-seated commitment to ESG.
Audit Committee President

Tone Kvåle

Tone Kvåle is the CFO of Herantis Pharma, and she has more than 25 years of experience from the biotech and life sciences industry. She was CFO at Nordic Nanovector, a publicly listed company in Norway, for 7 years, and prior to that, she held CFO roles at NorDiag (publicly listed company), Kavli Holding, Dynal Biotech, as well as senior management positions at Invitrogen/Life Technologies, in US, now part of Thermo Fisher. In these roles, she helped raise over EUR 200m in financing, was involved in IPO’s and M&A’s and was responsible for financial reporting under various reporting standards including US GAAP and IFRS. She has been board director and chair of the audit committee of Bonesupport AB (BONEX), Sweden from December 2016 until May 2022. Tone has a diploma in finance and administration from UiT, The Arctic University of Norway, Harstad. She has completed the prescribed course of study and the examination for Advanced Programme in Corporate Finance at The Norwegian School of Economics, NHH in 2022.
Board Member

Sabri Markabi

A specialist in neuroscience and a graduate in pharmacology, Dr Sabri Markabi has spent more than twenty-five years in international positions in the pharmaceutical industry. In particular, he led the clinical neuroscience department and supervised the development of the ophthalmology unit at Novartis before heading up R&D at the Alcon pharmaceutical company from 2008 to 2015. During his career, Sabri Markabi has taken part in or chaired many corporate governance bodies in private or listed companies. Since 2015, he has advised many companies, specifically regarding their investment strategy and R&D.

Elisabeth Kogan

Elisabeth Kogan is co-founder and CEO of Clexio Biosciences, a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company developing novel drugs for neurological and psychiatric conditions. Elisabeth has over 20 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry where she has held senior leadership roles from sales & marketing to portfolio strategy and to R&D management. She brings vast experience of managing international teams and has a proven track record of delivering innovation and new technology introduction from concept to implementation.
Remuneration Committee President

Virginie Lleu

The Founder and Chief Executive Officer of L3S, one of Europe’s leading life sciences research firms, Virginie Lleu held a variety of health recruitment positions before setting up her first recruitment firm specializing in healthcare in 2003, which was sold to Whitehead Mann five years later. Virginie Lleu is also a member of two Boards of Directors: La Fondation Fondamentale (foundation for scientific cooperation dedicated to combating major psychiatric disorders) and LNC (a start-up specializing in the treatment of chronic metabolic diseases, specifically pre-diabetes and obesity). With a background is in clinical psychology (graduate degree), she began her career as a neuropsychologist in leading university hospitals in Paris. Virginie Lleu is a graduate in clinical psychology and pathology (DESS).