We can positively impact
the life of patients through
long-acting injectables.


“Increasing adherence effectiveness may have a far greater impact than any improvement in specific medical treatments.”

World Health Organization, Adherence to long-term therapies, Evidence for action (2003)



Many medications aren’t taken as prescribed leading to enormous costs worldwide due to non-adherence. In the US alone, the cost of non-adherence is close to 300 billion USD per year according to the CDC.
BEPO® greatly reduces the issues related to adherence while providing more convenience for the patient and clinician. Due to improved adherence, treatment results are better with a lesser likelihood of relapse necessitating treatment extension or re-hospitalization.

Addressing tolerance

On average there are 70 side effects per prescription drug. Side effects are typically very uncomfortable for patients and this is one of the main reasons for non-adherence.
BEPO® requires a significantly lower API load compared to oral treatment. BEPO® reduces side effects making it more comfortable for patients.


In many countries around the globe, more than half and sometimes up to 100% of health care expenditures are out of pocket. Millions of patients worldwide forego treatment for economic reasons.
Our low development and production costs combined with a fair business model enable us to reach out to emerging countries. This is the way medicine should be. We’re addressing the greatest global health challenge of the century.

Reducing waste

Between 30 – 90% of orally administered doses are generally excreted as active substances from the human body.
Thanks to localized release of a very low API dosage, BEPO® reduces overall waste including patient API excretion which is considered to be the primary path by which APIs enter the environment.


By offering a consistent release at a therapeutic level of API, BEPO® could increase the efficacy of treatment compared with traditional methods which alternate between low and high API dispersion/concentration.

We’re currently working with academic scientists from
around the world to validate the improved efficacy of controlled LAI treatment.

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Our MC Fluidics team is setting up innovative tools to implement an optimized and automated process for lead formulation research. This helps not only to optimize resource management but also to draw parallels between the various tests and to achieve economies of scale.

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