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As of February, 2020

As of December, 2020

Favorable risk assessment

All current products under development are based on already approved APIs. When compared to NCEs (New Chemical Entity), use of well-understood, approved APIs is an opportunity to make treatments quickly available with significantly less financial resources needed and less risk in clinical phases.


LAI Opportunities


We have designed a structured approach to identify LAI opportunities and enlarge our portfolio of proprietary and partnered products. This assessment process aims to identify the unmet needs in a large panel of indications that could be met with LAI and to identify the most compatible APIs with our technology. This preliminary step is essential to significantly increase the likelihood of success for each product entering formulation stage.


with approved APIs

Products based on already approved APIs can benefit from decreased time-to-market thanks to simplified pathways such as the 505(b)2 in the US, while providing all of the benefits from long-acting formulations with controlled release.

with new APIs

There is a significant number of new therapeutic molecules that could be optimized for long-acting injectable treatments. Our technology could be the empowering entity to APIs that can’t be used in today’s traditional, drug delivery systems, or whose benefits would be limited as a result of toxicity.

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